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Less than 20 copies left of 'Descendants of Piere Targe' A French Huguenot Family published in 1987.

I am Nancy Tourjee Mauro. I grew up and our home was in CHARLESTOWN (see chronology) , but most of my younger years were spent at relatives in South Kingstown, RI. My interest in genealogy started when I first asked my Dad where I came from, only to find out that I was the 8th generation of Tourjee/Tourgee to be born in South Kingstown. Hopkins Hill Home

Genealogy is not just a hobby it is an obsession. This is one disease that I am pleased to say that I have infected many other descendants of this French Huguenot Family. I encourage all of you to investigate your roots and embark on an adventure that can be shared by many. In 1686 this French Huguenot family arrived in America only to be greeted with discrimination and deceit. Eighty years later they joined these Anglo families and fought the British in the Revolutionary War. If you have any pictures or family information to add please drop me a line at NTMAURO@ETCMAIL.COM. The military page still has some empty spots, so lets fill it up.

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